We Provide


  • Primary education from Nursery to Class 5.
  • Admission for all children irrespective of age, as many are migrant children with fractured education.
  • Hindi medium Haryana State Board syllabus.
  • NIOS exams in Class 3 and Class 5.
  • Subjects taught : Hindi, English, Math and Environmental studies.
  • Unique mix of Graduates, Post graduates as early teachers and Professionals as part time teachers for senior classes. (Our teacher profiles makes for an interesting read ).
  • Extra curricular activities in sports, arts and academics through the year.
  • Supplemental education in computers, spoken English, vocational crafts etc.
  • Education encompassing all fronts like personal hygeine, social manners, health and nutrition.
  • Providing all materials required to stay in school and complete the education, listed below.  


 All students are provided with school uniforms including socks and shoes. In winter, they are also provided with sweaters, leggings, headgear and scarves.



Texts books and notebooks are given to the students along with the required stationery items such as pencils, erasers etc. They are also provided with a school bag, a small lunch box and a steel glass (for the mid-day meal).


 Pragati supplements the government provided midday meal with milk, eggs, biscuits and fruits.


  • Regular health check-ups for all the children.
  • Medicines and treatment for the ailing children.
  •  Annual eye clinic to check/ rectify any sight problems.


The Parent and Teacher meetings are held in an endeavor to reach out to the families of the students and to instill in them the importance of continuing their education, good health and hygiene, immunization and other social issues. Pragati recognizes that educating and encouraging the parents is a crucial role of the organization in educating the children. 


  • Each of the school premises provided by the government consists of a building with 3 classrooms, separate toilets for boys and girls and a playground.
  • Extra sheds have been built by Pragati to accomodate the other classes.
  • Water filters to provide clean drinking water and fans and coolers for the summer heat.
  • Each school has a computer lab with 5 computers each.
  • Each school also has a library with books in both English and Hindi.
  • An activities room is coming up at the  Pragati Vatika campus, whcih will accomodate more computers and allow for vocational training classes.