We Believe

PRAGATI- A voluntary organization for free education of underprivileged children


Pragati is a ‘walk in’ school with an open door policy. Identification papers, previous records, even previous education is not mandatory. The doors are open to children of all ages and backgrounds. Pragati recognizes that a large section of society is unable to furnish these documents and it is important that their children have access to basic education.

Today, Pragati has 400 students on its rolls. We are now located in 3 school buildings that have been allocated to us by the Education Department of the State of Haryana, India, with the directive that we manage the schools. 


To provide underprivileged children and youth, an opportunity to have wider choices in life by providing them high quality education and life skills training.


  • Our primary objective is to provide quality education and to encourage the children to remain in school till they achieve certification in basic education.
  • Secondary objective is to provide vocational and life skill inputs along with their academic education.
  • To motivate the children through sports, cultural and other activities to learn and explore the world beyond their limited reach.
  • To build responsible and informed adults.
  • To provide equal opportunity to all children.
  • To provide adequate nutrition for child development.
  • To provide basic health care and medical aid
  • To ensure the safety of our students
  • To handle our students with care and compassion
  • To mobilize resources to sustain the mission.