Poor or rich, childrens’ smiles and dreams are the same ! Pragati admits students of all ages, into level appropriate grades, even if they may be over age. As children of labourers and migrant workers, many have had a fractured education and Pragati gives them another chance to catch up on their education. 

Demographic profile of the students

Students come from economically weak backgrounds. They start schooling at varied ages, so their ages vary from 6-16 in our grades 1-5.
Family Income : Rs.5000/- to Rs.12,000/- per month ( approx $78/-$188)
Average Family Size : 6-8 members
Occupation of Parents : Daily wage earners, car cleaners, labourers, maids, security guards etc. Most of them are illiterate .
Living Conditions : Huts/ Shanties / single rooms of 8-10 ft dimensions for an entire family. Limited water and electricity, community or open air kitchens,community bathing areas and common or non-existant toilet facilities.