Our Challenges


  • To economically support their families, some of our students tend to drop out at about the age of 12+.
  • Others drop out after they join the middle level government school due to poor standards of teaching, the expense on books and tuition fees or the need to support their families economically.


We know that our challenge is not merely to educate the child but to mould the parental perception about the benefits of attending school.

  • Parental counseling through regular Parent-Teacher meetings and individual interactions.
  • Special Annual Day showing for parents to increase awareness, involvement and a sense of pride in the achievement of their children in order to encourage them to continue with their studies.
  • Try follow up with our alumni in middle school and constantly encourage them to complete their schooling.
  • We alsofelicitate and award alumni 10th boards.  First batch of alumni entered college in 2015.


  • Every year Pragati has to refuse admission to some eager children who wish to attend school. The aim is to reach a stage when no child from the neighborhood is denied admission.
  • The main challenge is to provide basic infrastructure, maintain a good teacher- student ratio and provide good quality all- round education, even as we grow .


We, at Pragati believe every Indian should have an opportunity to make our country proud. Our students perform exceptionally and to continue providing such an opportunity, is our aim. We do need more people to join hands with us in this endeavour.

  • Corporate sponsors: Over the years, we have had the support of various Corporates and Foundations 
  •  Individual sponsors: Individuals, particularly the neighbouring  community, have been our backbone since its inception. Whether it’s Sponsoring a Child or directly donating to the Pragati fund, they have been our steadiest support..
  • Diwali Mela Sales : Annual sales of craft items before Diwali help raise funds and spread awareness about us.
  • Website and Facebook pages: Both our Website and our Facebook page help us reach a larger audience.
  • We would like to expand to accommodate all the children of the neighbourhood who approach usTowards this goal, we need more people and organizations to join hands with us.


  • Some of our MINOR GIRLS are withdrawm from school to be married.
  • Some of the students come from disturbed or abusive backgrounds and tend to be violent or reclusive.
  • Living in small dwellings/ crowded settlements and with both parents working for a livelihood, our students are easy targets of abuse.


Social evils still abound in our society and cannot be dealt with only by jurisdiction.

  1. We counsel both parents and children to the best of our abilities.
  2. The Pragati Counsellor holds regular workshops to create awareness on child abuse, the ills of child marriage, personal hygiene etc. Addressing these issues has helped in bringing social awareness and, hopefully, our students will be better equipped to manage themselves.
  3. Introducing value-based education for long term impact on society.