Our 3 Schools

Pragati operates through 3 school buildings in Gurgaon called Arcade, Max and Vatika. Pragati provides formal primary education from Nursery to Class 5. The number of students per class range from 15 to 30. We have 15 permanent teachers and more than 40 volunteers, making our student teacher ratio 20:1.

Each school has three classrooms within the building and four classrooms in partially covered sheds outside. All classrooms are equipped with tables, chairs, black board and soft boards. There is open ground for the children to play around the school. A small store houses essentials like books, bags, uniform, stationery etc for distribution. Small cupboards house the library books and art materials, all generously donated by individuals. Each school is equipped with a computer lab for a group of 25 students at a time.

A kitchen supplies filtered water to all, tea to the staff and the occasional meal for the kids when required, as now the midday meal is centrally distributed by the government every-day.

Arcade School

Max School

Vatika School