Art and Craft

Every year we introduce our students to some techniques of art or craft, thereby enhancing their repertoire and maybe, we help sow a seed for their future/livelihood.  All our students from Nursery through Class 5 are art enthusiasts.


Caricatures made by Class 3 students

Creative by nature!


Annually,  students and staff of Pragati get together to promote our cause by exhibiting and selling Pragati made crafts at Diwali Mela stalls.  The products are so designed that they can be easily created  by children aged 10-15.  A lovely symbiosis – the children learn a craft and we generate awareness about our schools. The small revenue earned an added bonus.

Over the years many lovely murals, greeting cards, diyas, trays, coasters, place-mats, duppattas, scarves, lamps, vases etc, have been made for these Diwali Melas.


Greeting cards, gift tags, gift envelopes with water colours, quilling and other techniques.